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Eddie going down the rabbit hole

“Everything is temporary.”

3 words that completely changed my life once I fully accepted them (via conflictingheart)

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What if humans had wings and the feathers were the same color as our natural hair color but we could dye them different colors if we wanted to or add glitter and there were salons dedicated to wings where we could get them preened and colored and there was a whole section of fashion and health dedicated to wings and work-outs designed to make your flight muscles stronger for endurance or speed and and and


Dude, what are you on? I want a hit.


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bad reputation // joan jett

and i don’t really care if you think i’m strange
i ain’t gonna change
and i’m never gonna care about my bad reputation

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Music videos of the songs Mötley Crüe are playing on their Final Tour. The setlist spans over the course of their career, from their first album to their latest. (x)

my favorite people (in no particular order)

[7/?Mikey Way of Electric Century